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Playing Rigonauts

A few people paying close attention may have noticed that we posted a new video of some gameplay footage. For everyone else, please enjoy a post-E3 update:

In this video we wanted to give show what it was like to play a simple level from Rigonauts. Rigonauts is divided into two main phases: Building and Battle. In the Building phase you build a rig, choose guns, and issue fire orders that you think will lead to victory. The goal is to knock out enemy rigs by either disabling all their guns or knocking the enemy captain off their perch. Once the you are happy with the design you hit GO and the Battle begins.

The player has no direct control during the Battle phase and gets to watch the their plan unfold. This ‘wind-up-and-watch’ style of play is similar to games like Frozen Synapse and Gratuitous Space Battles and if you have played those games you know how tense it can be. During Battle it is important for the player to observe what happens. Is their ship off balance? Do they need to adjust their armour? Do the guns have clean shots at the enemy’s weak bits? Most times you’ll find your plans get upended so it is back to the Builder phase to rejigger your design.

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