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Rigonauts Android Incoming to Snapdragon Devices

I am excited to announce that Rigonauts for Android has been pre-released to Verizon customers (find it here) and will have a general release to all Snapdragon powered hardware on October 23. We hope you enjoy our blend of building, battle, and mind twisting puzzles.

Of course some people have wondered why we are only supporting Snapdragon based hardware at this time. The reason is that initially Rigonauts was only targeted at PC. We are a small team (only two permanent members) and Rigonauts is our first game. Therefore, we had our hands full getting our first product out the door and were not even considering multi-platform. However, Qualcomm had seen the game and liked it enough that they offered to help us with the porting process. This was an exciting opportunity for us so we jumped at the chance. We are grateful to the team at Qualcomm for supporting our unique little indie game and helping to make Rigonauts for Android a reality.

Full Steam Ahead!

I hope you give our game a try and let us know what you think. If you can’t get it on Android then you can find it here on Steam for PC. And please keep an eye out for us on here, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. We don’t yet consider Rigonauts a closed project and there is a bit more on the way.

Until next time,