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Rigonauts Tech Support

We want the game to run for everybody. So if you encounter bugs please let us know by mailing us at tech@engient.com

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  1. Have you planned to make a twitter account? When will the iOS version release?

  2. Why on earth can’t I find Rigonauts on the iOS App Store! For some reason, it’s hidden from any searches I make, and I was just wondering if it’s been taken down? If so, I’d be disappointed. :(

  3. iOS will be coming later this year.

  4. twitter.com/engient

  5. Android and iOS5 are not yet available? You guys need to rename the images on the main website then. It says “Available on Android/iOS” when it should say “Coming soon to”.

    That’s where I looked, I figured it was already released. I wondered why I couldn’t click on the links and thought that it just implied you go to the marketplace to download it instead of through the website.

    Great game though!

  6. Why does your website say that it’s available on iOS and Android when it’s not available on either? It says it at the top AND the bottom of the main Rigonauts page. Please change the wording so you don’t get anyone else’s hopes up and then crush them into the dirt like you did mine :(

  7. I purchased rigonauts on steam, the game crashes when i click on level 8. I really want to complete this game, please contact me.

  8. Web site is a little confusing. Will be available soon.

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