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realDevelopment: The Cold Hard Truth

Ah, yes Dear Friends its time for another communique from the heart of Engient Command HQ. Today my mind is on the weather. The San Francisco Bay Area has a mild climate but as winter turns to spring it still holds a special meaning for us here at Engient: we no longer will have to freeze.

Now many people come from places that get much colder than here, but there is a twist: we work in an unheated warehouse. Yes, a 47 degree high might not sound all that bad to our fans in the Midwest or East Coast. But when you are sitting at the computer, for 8+ hours, (and it hasn’t warmed up to 47 degrees inside) the cold starts to get to you. What is the face of game development then? It is this:
It is cold.
That Dear Friends, is me last February doing my best to keep warm. Layers of thermal underwear, sweaters, and extra shirts were used to try and hold back winter’s bitter bite. But still worked slowed as my frozen fingers refused to move at full speed.

Now things are looking up. The weather is turning and we are pushing forward on Rigonauts: Broadside with full speed. These are exciting times indeed!

However, if anybody asks you “Who do think is the most INDIE of developers?” point them our way. Sure goofy art and crazy ideas are pretty indie, but when the only thing to keep you warm is the waste heat from your graphics card AND THE FIRE OF PASSION BURNING IN YOUR BELLY, well then you know your indie on a whole new level.

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