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Announcing “Rigonauts: Broadside”

Engient is thrilled to announce Rigonauts: Broadside! Bellow you can find a description of the project, a teaser trailer of our strange and wonderful game, and screenshots that highlight the art of our award winning artist Sang Han. And keep checking back to as we reveal more info, design articles, and other exciting announcements. Or even better subscribe to our sociopathic media and become one of our followers. Until next time enjoy Rigonauts: Broadside

Rigonauts: Broadside

Rigonauts: Broadside is the fantastic building battle game from Engient. Snap together the ultimate vessel and send your crew of Hobs into battle. With a well designed ship and a clever plan, your crew will smash and blast past an assortment of strange and dangerous foes. Of course no single plan survives the enemy and each tactical tweak will bring you closer to victory.


Construct the rig from your collection of parts: engines and wheels to propel the ship into battle, guns to rock your foes, and armor plates to protect your crew. Use the rewards of success to purchase new part or upgrade your favorites. Should you build a ship that is small and fast or should you design a great Land Galleon bristling with cannon? How you choose to confront the opposition is within your control.

The Caplin


Sometimes its not enough to build a sweet ride, you also need to know how to use it.
The Order of Battle represents the plan that your Hob Caplin and his crew will follow. This orchestrates when your vessel will power its engines, fall back, or fire The Big Gun.

And Go

Once everything is in place its time to unleash your creation. Cheer as everything falls into place and victory is achieved or cringe as your everything falls apart and your designs are reduced to rubble.